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Euro 2024 - Big Screen Event - Lords



Are you ready to elevate your Euro 2024 viewing from ordinary to extraordinary? Dive into an evening where luxury meets the love of football, all set against the iconic backdrop of Lord's Cricket Ground. This isn't just another match day; it's your VIP pass to an unparalleled celebration of football, flair, and unforgettable hospitality. At VIP Matchdays, we're setting the stage for a Euro 2024 group match viewing that will redefine your football festivities. Imagine watching England vs Slovenia on a massive screen, surrounded by the history and grandeur of Lord’s, with football legends sharing insights and anecdotes that bring every play to life. Elevate your evening from memorable to legendary by rubbing shoulders with football greats. With Robbie Fowler, Harry Redknapp, and Emile Heskey gracing the event, seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for photos, autographs, and first hand tales from the pitch. Prices are per person and exclusive of VAT, Sponsor package is priced per table of 10 

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Euro 2024 Big Screen Event | Lords Cricket Ground, London

Euro 2024 Big Screen Event Hospitality Packages – Step into a world where the thrill of football combines with the unparalleled elegance of Lord’s, for a Euro 2024 Big Screen extravaganza that promises to be etched in your memories forever. At the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground, we’re setting the stage for an electrifying big-screen viewing of the Euro 2024 group clash between England and Slovenia, and trust us, this is not just any football event.

Join us in the prestigious Nursery Pavilion for an evening sprinkled with stardust from football legends. We’re talking none other than the charismatic Liverpool hero, Robbie Fowler; the inimitable Premier League icon, Harry Redknapp; and the powerhouse of talent, Emile Heskey. This trio of football virtuosos will grace the event, offering insights, laughter, and first hand analysis that could only be dreamt of.

As the Three Lions gear up to potentially top their group with a victory over Slovenia, anticipate a match filled with nerve-wracking moments and heroic plays. Despite Slovenia’s underdog status, their squad, boasting the likes of Jan Oblak and Benjamin Šeško, is no easy feat. But with England’s star-studded line-up, it’s a match that promises sparks, surprises, and perhaps, history in the making.

Are you ready to dive into a night where football heritage meets luxury at one of London’s most iconic venues? This is your golden ticket to an evening filled with unparalleled entertainment, gourmet delights, and the company of football’s finest.

VIP Matchdays are proud to offer official hospitality packages for this event, if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and our team will be delighted to help.