Stay Safe This Summer: How to Avoid Scams


With many exciting events this summer, scams are on the rise as fraudsters try to sell fake ‘last-minute’ tickets online. Protect yourself from potential losses or unauthorized transactions by purchasing tickets through secure payment methods from reputable online retailers.


There are four main tactics used in scams:


  • You’re offered tickets online or by text for a high-demand event, often at the last minute. 90% of reported cases start with fake adverts or posts on social media. This can often come in the format of having “spares” or being unable to attend the game so they need to sell their tickets.


  • You come across a website that closely resembles a genuine organization’s site, but with subtle changes to the URL. These minor differences are intended to trick people into not noticing them.


  • You’re asked to transfer funds directly instead of using secure payment methods recommended by reputable online retailers. These transactions are often non-refundable, meaning your money will be lost.


  • You’re promised a customer representative will meet you outside the venue, but they won’t show up, leaving you with a fake ticket and wasted travel expenses.


Stay safe from scams this summer with VIP MatchDays. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we can guarantee your tickets will be delivered safely and securely.



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